A Circular Walk from Todmorden Station Continued...

From the mine follow the continuation of the track, now less distinct, and climb up the hill until you arrive at the trig point on Trough Edge End SD905 218. From the trig point follow the track SE down through some ruins, where a track comes in from the right which passes Coolham and then down Foul Clough road. Watch for the step stile on the left at SD924 219” and follow the path in front of the house. Once passed the house, follow the fence on your right and cross over a stile in the bottom right corner of the field. You are now standing at the top of a steep wood on a narrow track passing from left to right. Turn left on the track and in 50m turn right onto a narrow path which you follow down into Walsden and over the railway bridge.

Cross the A6033 and walk up the road opposite, turning right after 50 yards onto canal towpath. Follow the towpath and at the second bridge turn left over canal and follow the metalled road passed a derelict mill, turning right into a very rough track which cuts the road corner. Emerge from the top of this track and turn right up the quiet lane until you reach North Hollingwood Farm where you take the left hand path along the Pennine Bridleway passing Rake End then turn left at Shurcrack Farm house to reach the road at SD942 231.

Once on the road, turn right and then first left down a farm track to join the Calderdale Way at the farm. In the farmyard turn left and find the step stile in the left hand corner. Cross the next field and over the stile into the riding stables. Walk through the stable yard and take the track on the left, turn right again within 20m onto another track and after a further 20m look out for the gate in the wall on your left. Cross two fields and turn right onto a rough lane. Follow this lane “which becomes tarmac” to the right, passing some houses on the left, down the side of a steep ravine passed the church and back into Todmorden.
Mick Melvin

Part One