The Dew Stones Rivock Edge Silsden


Rivock Edge

The tense stand-off
of summer’s end,
the touchy fuse-wire
of parched grass,
tapers of bulrush and reed,
any tree
a primed mortar of tinder,
one spark enough to trigger
a march on the moor
by ranks of flame.
Dew enters the field
under cover of night,
tending the weary and sapped,
lifting its thimble of drink
to the lips of a leaf,
to the stoats tongue,
trimming a length
of barbed-wire fence
with liquid gems, here
where bog-cotton
flags its surrender
or carries its torch
for the rain.
Then dawn, when sunrise
plants its fire-star
in each drop, ignites
each trembling eye.
©Simon Armitage 2010

The Dew Stones

Rivock Edge For a short period the Dew Stones were displayed like an open book just beyond the gate leading into a field. The Stones have now been moved to an upright position within the open gateway.
The position of the stones obstruct the gate way but allow light to pass between them. The stones were made out of one thick block of Scoutmoor gritstone sourced from a quarry in Brighouse. The block was sawn down the middle thus creating two halves which, when stood together give the impression of two mirrors facing each other.
The Short Walk to the Dew Stones