Stanza Stones Walk: Stage One

Marsden to Mytholmroyd Starts: SE047115 18.8mi/30.25Km

Turn left into Old Mount Road, after 50 Yards turn right at the footpath sign near to Throstle Nest cottage. After 130 yards follow the rough path left before the gate and in a short distance cross a step stile into a field. Walk left for ten yards and look for a footpath winding up the hill to the right running alongside a depression (not the farm track). Enter the farmyard and pass close to the farm building on the right hand side and emerge through a gate onto the open moorland. Once past the farm follow the left hand field wall alongside a sunken track and after passing through a gate enter an area of rough pasture. Walk forward for approx 70 yards until you cross the farm track. Set your compass to 230°M and follow the top of a low ridge which by-passes the damp ground on your right. Keep on this bearing for approx 175 yards following a feint path which gradually swings right crosses a stream and begins to climb the hill, running parallel with a wall, which is then followed in a westerly direction to the next “right angled” corner. Leave the wall and follow the feint path in a north Westerly direction toward the air shaft which can be seen in the distance. Here you will pick up a prominent path coming from right to left. It is worthwhile walking over to the memorial cross to sample the views down the Colne Valley.
Return to the air shaft and take the wide path going south west. When the edge of the escarpment is reached at a National Trust Land boundary marker, the path turns due south with the land falling away to your right. Follow the escarpment edge for 300 yards until you arrive at some large rocks on the right and an incline dropping down the hillside.
Descend this incline until you are level with the foot of the crag and pick up a path on the left which climbs steadily up the hill beneath the crags.

Upon entering the quarry make your way around the remains of the old winch house at the top of a steep incline. If you look to your right after crossing the incline you will see the Poetry Seat sited on the edge of the hill and commanding a fine view over the Colne Valley below. Beyond the Poetry Seat the Snow stone is facing you on the right.
From the Snow stone, return to the top of the incline and begin to descend. Approx a third of the way down, look for a narrow path crossing from left to right and descending to the left hand side of a ventilation shaft and passing between two spoil heaps. Here you meet the main path coming in from the left. Follow this path which runs close to and parallel with the A62 trunk Road. Once past Owlers and immediately after passing Moorlands Farm watch out for a wooden gate in the wall to your left and a path leading down to the road. Cross the road and using the pavement, walk towards Marsden passing Shepherds Boy Buildings for 220 yards, to where a pair of steel guard rails leads into a walled lane on the left.
Turn left into the lane and walk down to the bottom where you arrive at Redbrook Clough, turn right and after crossing the stream follow it down to a beautiful little pack horse bridge “Close Gate Bridge” also known as Eastergate Bridge, where the confluence of two Pennine streams forms the River Colne. The bridge is on the route of the Huddersfield to Rochdale packhorse trail. From the bridge, climb up Willykay Clough and then keep to the Station to Station Walk, changing to the Pennine Way at Haigh Gutter where the two paths come together at the A640. Follow the Pennine Way over the Pennine watershed and Blackstone Edge to reach the White House Pub on the A58 Halifax Road. From the White House walk towards Halifax for approx 250 yards and turn left through a gate once again following the Pennine way. Walk along the Pennine Way for about a mile until you are approaching a quarry across the catch water drain to your right. As you approach the quarry, watch for a small stone arched bridge spanning the catch water drain on your right about 75 yards before the crags. The path leading from the bridge affords a close up view of the face carrying the Rain stone carving. The poem can also be seen from the main path if you continue along the gravelled track. Alternative route: If you enjoy a bit of adventure, return to the stone arched bridge and you will see a very feint path heading up the hill to the left in the direction of some flat topped rocks. Set your compass to 067°M and strike out over the moor which is not too boggy or rough. Ahead you are aiming directly at an electricity Pylon and just before you reach it, you should arrive at a footpath crossing from right to left. Turn left onto the path and in a very short time you will reach the embankment at Light Holme reservoir and the permissive path onwards.
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