Wibsey Community Web Site

Wibsey village is situated on a broad ridge at a height of 250 metres between Bradford and Halifax. The village is now a suburb of Bradford and it was mentioned in the domesday book. Wibsey means "Wibba's island", from the Old English personal name Wibba. The community web site is wibsey.net.


Mick Melvin Profile
Mick Melvin
My name is Mick Melvin I have lived in the village of Wibsey near Bradford for 50 years, my hobbies are fellwalking, computers and the Internet. I am a past President of Bradford CHA Rambling & Social Club and I have been Webmaster of wibsey.net since February 2003 when I started the site.
When Wibsey became an Urban village the web site was adopted as the official Website of the village.
I am webmaster of the Happy Wanderers cave and pothole club web site and The Stanzastones walk web site.