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THE HWCPC Journal 1966


Mossdale 1967
Yarnbury: Copyright Mick Melvin
A short history of the Happy Wanderers Cave and Pothole Club and the Club Hostel.
Jack Pickup
Break –Through in Aygill
A major extension to Aygill Caverns with the N.S.G. 1965
John Rushton
Skirwith Cave
Early diving trips and extensions to Skirwith Cave
John Southworth
The Truth about the Colonnades
A short history of the Happy Wanderers Cave and Pothole Club and the Club Hostel.
Dave Pickup
Extension to Dale Barn Cave
Major extension by diving in this cave under Scales Moor
Jim Cunningham
Christmas Day down Hammer Pot
A difficult trip down this severe pothole on Christmas Day 1964
Frank Barnes
My first Cave Dive
A well written account of Jim's first cave dive which was in Langstroth Cave
Jim Cunningham
Rowten – Swinsto Through Trip
An account of the first through trip between Rowten Pot and Swinsto Hole
John Ogden
Malham Cove
An account of some of the early dives done in the evening at this important resurgence
John Southworth
Ogof Agen Allwedd - Southern Stream Passage
The discovery and exploration of Southern Stream Passage
Jeff Morgan
Expedition to Central Pyrenees, 1965
The Happy Wanderers expedition to the Ice Caves of the Central Pyrenees
Jim Cunningham
Turbary Pot
The discovery and exploration of Turbary Pot Kingsdale
Mike Myers
Cote Gill Pot
The story of the discovery and early exploration of Cote Gill Pot
Jeff Morgan
Descent of Spectacle Pot
A graphic account of early exploration
Len Platt
Canal Cave, Nidderdale
The Discovery and the first Exploration of this Nidderdale Cave
Mick Melvin
Lancaster Hole
Diving in the upstream sump in West Montague's Passage
John Southworth
A review of the work done and the discoveries made in Kingsdale
Jim Cunningham
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