By Dave Haigh and John Cordingley

Malham Cove May 26th 1966
Malham Cove May 1966: Pete Livesey collection


Adventures Underground

IN 1952 Underground Adventure by Arthur Gemmell and Jack Myers brought stories of exploration in the caves of the Yorkshire Dales to the reading public. Now, inspired by those classic tales, two new authors – Dave Haigh and John Cordingley – continue the theme into modern times, bringing to life the dedication, ingenuity and sheer hard work needed to break new ground, often in desperately difficult circumstances, yet blend their narrative with the outrageous humour known only to cavers. They have captured the thrill of exploration that arises when a project finally begins to reveal its secrets, such as penetrating further in Gaping Gill, diving beneath Malham Cove and discovering caves that were unknown in the 1950s.

Adventures Underground will be enjoyed by everyone with an interest in the outdoors and in how adversity and challenge can be overcome. All royalties from sales of this book will be donated equally between the authors’ chosen charities: cave rescue and Macmillan Cancer Support.

The hardback edition is a limited binding with marker ribbon, head and tail bands, cloth covered cover and paper dustjacket. The softback edition has a laminated card cover.

Photos Clockwise from Top Left

Book Cover: Derek Castleden, on Vindication Pitch, Corky's Pot: photo Dave Ryall

Adrian Hall on a sand island in Hel's Bells, Malham Cove Rising: photo John Cordingley

John Cordingley in Malham Cove Rising: Self Portrait

Dave Haigh has been involved with many of the Bradford Pothole Club’s discoveries in the Dales and first came up with the concept of Adventures Underground. An inveterate digger, he is well placed to write about the explorations, being so often linked with the breakthroughs.

John Cordingley is a highly respected caver who, after a chance discussion, agreed to join the project. Arthur and Jack were friends of his and he knew they would have been delighted by the idea of this second book. John has contributed a wealth of knowledge of the magnificent caves of the Dales, both above and below water.

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