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Wibsey Events Group
Tuesday 13th September  2016 at 6.00pm
Salvation Army Building, Holroyd Hill. BD6 1PQ

Present: Cllr Green, Cllr Joanne Sharp, Cllr Ralph Berry, Captain Rachel Price, The Salvation Army, Teresa Lunn, Wibsey Methodist Church/local resident, Richard Sheard, Wibsey Methodist Church/local resident, Tracey Hawran, local resident, Anne Marie Johnson, local resident, Gareth Gregory, local businessman, Marie Copley, Ward Officer.
Apologies: Tom Hughes, Sandale Trust, Daniel Wood, The Salvation Army, Michelle Bartlett, William H Brown, Tracey Gill, Bradford Youth Service, Stephen Harrison,  Bradford Youth Service.
The most suitable bank account is one that is available at the Co-op as it requires two signatures. There is a backlog but hope to have it open in a couple of weeks. Bank details are required for funding applications to be processed.
Jo is applying to Bradford South Youth and Community Chest and the Celebrate fund from the Big Lottery.
Gareth was welcomed to the group and he has offered to publicise and fundraise through the Wibsey business directory he administers.
Marie has located some collection boxes and these will be labelled and distributed to local businesses in the village.
Action   Marie to ensure boxes are labelled and distributed to committee.
There was a discussion as to whether the tree could be donated and the group just pay for installation and lighting.
Action   Marie to check specification of tree and if possible to source elsewhere.
Gareth suggested the date we had agreed might coincide with Wibsey Primary School Fayre, this could increase footfall in the village.
Action   Jo to check dates with school
Action   Marie to liaise with Danny Stewart regarding Folly Hall road closure
Marie to distribute letter to schools on behalf of Councillor Green and the group agreed to follow up within the next couple of weeks.

Daniel – Wibsey Primary
Ralph/Dave – St Winefride’s
Teresa – St Paul’s
It was agreed that the group would ask Daniel to bring the choir for 4pm and sing 3 carols or Christmas songs before the lights were switched on and the Salvation Army band played some more carols.
The event will require some form of PA system.
Action  Ralph to check with a contact he has and Marie will ask Gareth if he is aware of a local business that could lend one.
Action   Ralph to contact the Co-op requesting their support and involvement.
Now that the date has been set the group agreed to try and get as much information out to the village as possible. Richard suggested asking Mick Melvin if he can help with publicity.
Teresa  will speak to the local bakers on Folly Hall road to see if they want to sell refreshments.
The group to keep liaising via e mail.
Date of next meeting: Tuesday, October 11th at 6pm at The Salvation Army.


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